Building a superior home

Our policy is to go above and beyond, even if that means taking the cost on ourselves. From foundation to roofing, Fekete Homes provides strong, luxurious, and functional homes to every client at no extra charge.

  • Foundation - $1,500
  • Walls - $500
  • Insulation - $3750
  • Interior Design - $500
  • Windows - $800
  • HVAC - $850
  • Hot Water Tank - $500
  • HRV System - $1200
  • Total Value: $9,600

Expertly Crafted Interior Design

Every home includes the touch of an expert interior designer for optimal flow, functionality, and capacity.

For custom build clients, you work directly with the Fekete's on the design of your home. Once we reach the interior design phase, our designer will support you in choosing the fixtures and finishing's that best express your style.

Fekete Standard Value: $500

Upgraded Foundation

Planton Wrapped Foundation

Further protect your home from flooding with a Fekete Home. Most builders use a tar based damp proofing spray on the exterior of foundation. This is code compliant and a standard practice but not a best practice in building.

We use a waterproof wrap around the foundation of your home to allow space between the foundation and soil. This passage gives space for water to flow away from your foundation, protecting you from the threat of a wet basement.

Fekete Standard Value: $1,500

Upgraded Insulation

Basement (R-20 Insulation)

Most builders use R-12 insulation for basements, we make sure your basement is cozy by lining the walls with R-20 insulation. This is a robust insulation, which offers warmth in winter and keeps your basement cool in summer, while being ecofriendly.

Fekete Standard Value: $500

Attic (R-50 Insulation)

R-50 insulation in your attic ensures you do not lose heat in winter or become a sauna in summer.

Fekete Standard Value: $750

Rim Joist Spray Foamed

Many builders use pieces of insulation or plastic sheets rather than spray foam. These lesser methods of insulation often pull apart over time and do not form an airtight seal.

We spray R22 foam insulation on all rim joists, which connect the floor to the outer frame of your home. Using spray foam secures your home from outside elements and vapor resulting in an airtight seal that protects against heat loss.

Fekete Standard Value: $3000

Upgraded Windows

Triple Pane Windows

All Fekete Homes are fitted with triple pane windows for excellence in energy efficiency and noise reduction. Triple pane windows are designed with three sheets of glass between the inside and outside of your home, providing shelter from unwanted noise.

Fekete Standard Value: $800

Upgraded Mechanical Systems

Lennox Furnace

The heart of your home is just as important as the body. At Fekete, we only use Lennox Furnaces. These furnaces are considered the best in the world for their remarkable quality, energy efficiency, and noise suppression.

Fekete Standard Value: $850

Commercial Grade Oversized Hot Water Tank

Every Fekete Home comes fitted with an oversized commercial grade hot water tank. Go ahead and take a long shower, there's plenty of hot water to go around.

Fekete Standard Value: $500

HRV System

Heat recovery ventilation systems provide heat retention while circulating fresh air throughout your home.

During the air circulation process, the HRV system collects heat from the exiting air and adds it to the incoming fresh air. This system reduces energy consumption, keeps humidity levels consistent and results in clean, fresh air for your home.

Fekete Standard Value: $1200